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Hello, and welcome to my lifestyle blog. I’m Alicia, the mom behind the blog. I started this blog in October 2018 with the purpose of creating awareness for people with disabilities. You see, my son has special needs and I wanted people to understand more about him and others who are labeled “different.” Little did I know God had other plans.

The past few months this blog has been through the ringer and has turned into so much more than I ever thought. It has evolved into a blog dedicated to keeping moms and their families healthy all with a Christian perspective. It is part of my purpose to help strengthen moms and families. If I can help just one struggling mom find peace and hope, then I know I’ve done what God has called me to do.

We all have struggles and this blog is a source of hope, inspiration and truth for moms (dads too) young and not so young to live their best life every day. It brings a sense of relief to know that someone else has been there too. If we can empathize with one another and build up one another through a Christian way of life, there’s no reason we can’t change the world together.

As stated before, I initially started this blog to create awareness for people with special needs since my oldest has Williams Syndrome. But as I began writing posts, I discovered I has so much more to share. Not just about my son but about my love of essential oils and wellness. I’m a 40 something mom, married for 19 years to the love of my life and I’ve got just a little bit of experience (wink wink).

As I continue to grow, I hope you’ll find something to help you grow as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this but…now what?

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