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Aromatherapy Daily Tips

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Aromatherapy is much more than just calming the mind and taking a break.

I believe it’s made up of many related components that include making aromatherapy part of your every day life.

I’d like to help you be more aware of your every day and point you on a path to total wellness. Starting with the body and your senses. The aromatherapy benefits of a daily regimen is huge.

Please know, I am not an aromatherapist. I’ve done a lot of research and it’s something I’m passionate about because I believe in the power of relaxing and living healthy. If you decide to use essential oils, please use them with caution. Read my disclaimer here.

1. Pay attention to Your Body’s Signals.

Today we are busier than in the past. Or so it seems. Slowing down to take breaks doesn’t seem like an option. Doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or dad, or kid, you are busy. But, at some point, all the busyness can take a toll on your body.

If you continually just don’t feel well in general, you might need to take a long rest. As hard it sounds, it’s gotta be done. Resting and sleeping are the only times the body can rest. It needs to repair and regenerate or you just might get worse.

2. Slow Your Breathing

When we breathe we are taking air in and letting it out. This fresh air is allowing our bodies to get filled with new oxygen. This can elevate our mood and organ function. New oxygen is vital to a happy, functioning body.

When you take time to purposefully slow your breathing, you’re taking time to refresh your entire body and allow the mind to breathe as well.

Humans are bombarded by an enormous amount of information from birth to adulthood. Our brains need gentle stimulation, such as controlled breathing to revitalize and refresh.

3. Quiet Your Mind

This goes along with the aforementioned tip. I don’t know about you but there have been moments where I’ve had to step away from somewhere and take a moment to just stop all the chatter in my head and focus.

Life gets crazy and refocusing for even just a few moments, (longer, if you can) reduces stress levels and helps with productivity.

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4. Turn Down the Lights If Necessary

If you are able, turn down or turn off those lights. Dimming the lights brings about the natural response of drowsiness or wanting to go to sleep. It’s just an automatic response to years of conditioned stimuli, which is the repetitiveness of going to bed when it gets dark. Dark means bed.

This sometimes can be very helpful for children. Adding a little soft music goes a long way. As it’s been said, “Music soothes the savage beast.”

5. Do Light Stretches Throughout The Day

We all know that getting regular exercise is important. Keeping active throughout the day is super important for the mind and body. I suggest working out regularly at least 4 times a week but when a full work out isn’t possible, I suggest a least doing some light stretching.

Stretch the arms, shoulders, roll the neck and, takes some deep breathes and gently stretch your back by reaching for your toes. A couple times of this per day can do wonders for your mind and alertness.

It can be included with your regular exercise routine.

6. Drink Tea

 Warm tea can be soothing and satisfying Warm tea can be soothing and satisfying

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Ah, tea. A wonderful, herbal beverage. Tea is full of goodness from leaves, sometimes herbs, sometimes berries, but always delicious. You can drink it hot or cold and teas can contain tons of radical-fighting anti oxidants.

The plethora of teas out there can maybe be overwhelming but a few teas that I like are Awake English Breakfast tea from Tazo as well as their Zen green tea. For bedtime, I like Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra.

7. Turn On Diffuser

There are several aromatherapy oils that can be used in a diffuser. I have a friend who leaves her diffusers on all the time. She has them in almost every room in her home. While I don’t leave mine on all the time, I do turn them on regularly.

It’s a soothing and aromatic experience when an aromatherapy diffuser is running. The light sound of the steam being released to the amazing scents that permeate from it provide an calm and uplifting feeling at the same time. Some diffusers light up to provide an additional sensory stimulation.

Try This

Grounding Diffuser Blend

8. Set Time Limits

Setting regular time limits for activities, no matter what the activities are is good for mental energy. Learning to limit things you do helps you to feel more confident. You not only keep your brain healthy by the switching of tasks, you are telling your subconscious that you are capable of doing what needs to be done.

You allow yourself to control more which makes you a more productive person overall. Self-control is a huge virtue. And when you have self-control, you make smarter decisions and you don’t allow your emotions to be out-of-control. But don’t forget to let loose every once in a while ;).

9. Smile

The infamous smile. It really does work wonders though. I smile at people daily. Some smile back, some don’t and that’s ok. I just keep doing it.

Smiling uses specific muscles in the face that need to be strengthened for a healthy appearance. Have you seen someone who frowns all the time? They just look so sad. Smiling is a super easy way to practice aromatherapy. Be at peace with yourself and smile because who you are is pretty cool.


10. Eat Whole Foods

Last but not least. Eating whole and unprocessed foods is great for an overall good feeling of wellness. Each food has a different nutritional value. The vitamins content give each fruit or veggie it’s color and eating the rainbow (not skittles) is highly important to maintaining a healthy body weight and fighting off infection as well as disease.

 Beautiful rainbow of whole foods Beautiful rainbow of whole foods

Whole foods contain vital nutrients and vitamins that help our body function at optimal performance. Unfortunately, not everyone can eat all the colors of the food rainbow or can even tolerate certain foods at all.

All in all, incorporating, more fruits and veggies in your daily life will only prove beneficial in your physical abilities as well as mental.

These are just a few daily things you can try to maintain a high level of productivity, awareness, and mental clarity. The benefits to creating an aromatherapeutic lifestyle are extremely worthwhile and easy to implement. Plus practicing these tips can help the entire family.

If you’d like this list in printable form, click here.

Have a blessed day!


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